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JOLIE is our new Fairtrade tableware. It is produced in a local pottery in Allankuppam, India. The pottery was established in 1985 and has since then focused on the bettering women’s empowerment and supporting the local community. The employees are working under supervised conditions and are provided with training and education; conditions that are not a matter of course in India. The pottery not only makes gorgeous ceramics through thorough processes of working with raw material, it also gives the people of the village a chance to better their lives and help their families.



This item is handmade, and the special glazing is unique for every design.

Ø14xH12 cm



Komposition: Stoneware Ceramic

Content ml. : 750

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Ovenproof: Yes

Microwave proof: Yes

Food approved: Yes

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